The Screen Doors: 

Look through the ripped screen door to find a musical collaboration that brings new sparks off of well tended fires.  We are a front porch candle light party equipped with lyrics like warm blankets and melodies like the glint from wild late-summer bonfires.   

A little folk, a little bluegrass, a little experimental jazz-rock-fusion.  Who are we to build walls between genres?? We’re The Screen Doors! We are Tavis Weir, Maiya Robbie, Stefan Bienz, Dave Mai and Darren Filipenko.  

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Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long:

They have been creating a buzz since their start in 2006. The band is made up of Shane Koyczan (spoken word artist/poet), Maiya Robbie (guitarist/vocalist) and Jesse Lee (stand-up bass), Jordie Robinson (cello) and Glenna Garramone (piano/vocalist). While Shane is responsible for the moving poetry, the band moves right along with him, setting the tone and backdrop... think film scoring in multi-genred modern movements. Together they create a folk/talk-rock sound that continues to evolve and influence.

Their latest album features Ani Difranco and is receiving great reviews and accolades.  Purchase at