Canadian performer Maiya Robbie infuses into each of her pieces a remarkable poetic authenticity.  She attributes part of her style and lyrical choices to the landscapes she grew up within and continues to be surrounded with...most notably the lakes, mountains, and sage of the Interior of British Columbia.

As a songwriter and performer, one of the main projects Maiya has worked on over the past 8 years has been the talk rock band Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long.  The band accompanies spoken word artist Shane Koyczan, writing melodies and lyrics aimed at creating a soundscape to raise up and embellish the incredible poetry of this Canadian literary treasure.  Work and more information about the group can be found at http://www.shanekoyczan.com/band-the-short-story-long/

The video below is "To This Day" a collaborative project involving more than 25 animators and Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long...



Welcome to my little nest on the internet!  I'm enjoying getting settled in.  I am happily planning my spring and summer routes and I'm so looking forward to once again exploring the wonderful western landscape of BC and Alberta.  I will soon be posting details and dates, both on my own and with Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long. 

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Penticton Arts Awards

Leir House, Manor Park Road, Penticton

The Penticton Arts Council is launching its 1st annual Arts Awards! This will be an annual celebration recognizing winning nominees for their outstanding achievement. The arts awards serve to underline the importance of the arts in our communities, and to recognize individuals and organizations for the significant contributions and for their exceptional support of arts and culture in the Penticton and District area.